Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Garden, Blackberries, and Embroidery

My family and I put some beans in the freezer, since we did not have enough to can. We usually can all of our beans, but are bean plants are not all producing at the same time. We had to replant beans, because some plants got washed out when we had a big rain thios spring.

Tomatoes are not ready to can yet. We are all out of tomatoes, since we did not can any last year. We are in need of canned tomatoes.

My Jalapeno peppers are ready to be picked. I did not grow any Bell peppers/Mangoes. My Granny grew Bell peppers so she shared with me :) I think I will make some B-B-Q sauce with my with the bell peppers. I will then freeze the Barbeque sauce.

I hope to make salsa with the Jalapenos and Bell peppers, if we get enough tomatoes.
We went berry picking earlier this week for Wild Blackberries. We found some berries and we also found a swarm of bees. We have bee stings on us.

We have 2 1/2 gallons of Wild Blackberries in the freezer. I hope we can pick some more before the vines are done producing.

In early July we made Apple Sauce with apples that were given to use for free! We didn't get to make very much apple Sauce. Hopefully, we will get some fall apples and make more Apple Sauce. I love warm, homemade Apple Sauce!

I have been making little embroidered Christmas Ornaments and Basket Tie-ons. I am selling some in my store and I want to give some as gifts to family an friends.

You can see the ornaments I am making and visit my store, From the Past, at this link - http://www.homesteaderbelle.blogspot.com/


Princess Of Pink said...

Thanks you Belle, for your comment on my Blog.

Yes it IS cross stitch, lot's of work but SO fun to do! I made it about 15 years ago, and still looks this pretty!!

Hugs from Marian/Dutchy

Chrisi said...

MMMMM, homemade apple sauce. Once you've had homemade, you don't want store bought. I love homemade apple sauce.