Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Tree Tapping and Sap Collecting!

It is almost the time of year when the sap begins to flow! The Maple trees in my front yard are tapped. I hope to collect some sap soon! All the snow is melting and I think it will soon be warming up in the next week or so.
The year before last, my family tapped ten to twenty Maples. From those Maples we collected anough sap to make syrup that lasted us up until this month. We are working on the last quart of Maple syrup now.
I hope to collect enough sap to make syrup that will last us until 2012. It is nice to only have to tap the trees every other year, even though I love doing it. Last February, Mom was sick and we didn't collect any sap.
I hope to make enough syrup to share with all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents so they won't have to buy syrup from the store.
Since I have tried the Maple syrup we have made from the sap from our trees, I could never, ever go back to using that old maple flavored corn syrup that they sell in the stores and call maple syrup. Most of the pancake syrups sold in stores are made from corn syrup and artificially flavored with maple. I do know some who like that flavor......not me! I like the real thing! It is so nice to be able to make my own and know exactly where it comes from and what is in it! I also love that it is another way to be self-sufficient and not rely on stores.

I will show pictures here on my blog when I begin to collect sap and make syrup!
Happy tree tapping to all that tap trees and collect sap!
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The Homesteader said...

Hey Belle,

We had a pretty good sap flow this week here in Kentucky. I remember that you tapped your first trees right after we did ours for the first time. I enjoyed reading about your experience with it back then on Homestead blogger.

Like you, we made so much syrup from that 08 season, that we did not do it at all last year. We still have a couple of jars left from then, but we are just about out.

It has been fun doing it again this year. I wrote a bit about it over on Homestead blogger.

I hope you have some weather that will cooperate fro syrup making real soon. I'll check back to see from time to time.

God bless,

-Eric (Purewater)

TG said...

hi belle, i've managed to trace your blog again via hsb/from the past.
how are you? think of you all often. with love and prayers, deb x