Thursday, April 16, 2009

This Year's Garden so far...........

Has anyone started their gardens yet? I have started my gardening this year. I have only planted seeds indoors.

I have planted Rudker tomatoe seeds in a planter inside the house. The seeds have sprouted and I now need to transplant them in their own seperate containers. I think I will do that later on today.

There is a lot of grass that came up with the tomatoes.

Every year I usally buy Rudker tomatoe plants, but I heard that this year, in my area, Rudker tomatoe plants will be difficult to find. I saved the seeds from the rudker plants I had last year, so I didn't have to buy any tomatoe seeds this year. Rudker tomatoe seeds can not be found in stores in this area. If I was going to buy some, I would have to order them online.

For Christmas, from my granny, I got a Chia Gourmet Herb Growing kit. The kit came with different kinds of herb seeds, four terra cotta pots, and four Chia sponges for planting the seeds in. I was so happy to get this gift!

Last night, I planted Parsley and Oregano in the Chia herb kit. I still have two pots to plant in, but I have not decided what to plant in them yet. Oregano is an herb a use very often. I put Oregano on my homemade garlic bread. I use Parsley often too. I like to make Parsley potatoes and I use Parsley in my homemade vegetable dip. I will have to share that recipe sometime.
It will be so nice to have fresh herbs growing right in my kitchen!

The pots are covered with plastic wrap incase you were wondering what the clear stuff was.
My family and I were going to plant the potatoes a week or two ago, I am sure glad that we didn't! We have had cold weather and lots of rain. The potatoes would have just rotted in the ground if we would have planted them. The rain has stopped and the ground is starting to dry up. When the ground gets a bit dryer, which will probably be in a few days, we will plant the potatoes.

I planted Chamomile seeds in a planter the other day. After I got them all planted, I left the planter on the porch steps so the seeds could be in the sun. A few hours later, I looked outside and I saw dirt all over the step and a dug-out spot in the planter. I am guessing my brother's dog made that mess. I was upset when I first saw it, but now I am over it. I guess those things tend to happen when a puppy is around. Oh well.......
Below is a picture of it. The picture doesn't show the much of the damage the dog made.

In a month or two, it will be time to plant green beans and corn. We let some of the corn and beans go to seeds and we saved the seeds. We will not have to buy corn or bean seeds this year.

This is just an update of what's going in the garden.
Thank you for reading my blog. Please come back to my blog again!


Kelly B said...

I will try it from seed next year. I have 5 kids and I think they would have lots of fun digging in the "dirt". I think your blog will be very helpful for me, though. I am so very new to all of this.... :)

Rebekah, The City Farmgirl said...

Belle, Great post! Your seedlings look terrific. You must have a big garden. I'll be interested to see how the herb-garden-in-pots turns out for you. And, your pecan tart recipe looks delish!
Keep blogging!

Daisy said...

I don't know why - indoor plants die on me. I'm waiting until the warm weather really starts, and then I'll plant. Outdoors!

Bookworm said...

We have seedlings growing in peat pots..squash, cucumbers. We also have some snap peas. In post we have lettuce and spinach. But, tomorrow we plant the ENTIRE garden! I cannot wait! We'll have pole beans and tomatoes too!!

Thanks for sharing.

OLINeBooks said...

Just a quick note to inform you that this article was included in the May edition of 'Christian Family Information Exchange'-Blog Carnival. Thank you and God bless!