Friday, May 8, 2009

Fried Fish, a LaMancha Dairy Goat, and Homemade Goat Milk Ice Cream

Tonight, for supper, my family and I had fried fish. My sister, brother, and dad all went fishing yesterday. They caught a bunch of Blue Gill.
The fish we fried was delicious!

Earlier today, my sister made some homemade vanilla ice cream with all of the goat's milk that she has been getting.
The ice cream was very good!

My sister bought a LaMancha dairy goat about a month ago. My family has had LaMancha dairy goats in the past and loved the taste of the LaMancha's milk. Our last LaMancha doe we had died about three years ago from old age. Since the death of our last LaMancha doe, we have had Alpine goats. The milk from the Alpine does is nothing like the milk from the LaManchas (in my family's opinion). Nobody in the family liked the milk from the Alpines, so the Alpines are now dried up and we drink the milk from my sister's LaMancha doe. My family has found, by experience with dairy goats, that LaMancha goat's milk is much more creamier and has a better flavor than the Alpine's milk. So, for now on, I think that we will only keep LaMancha goats for milk.

My sister had been looking to buy a LaMancha dairy goat for over a year. LaManchas are difficult to find in this area. She did finally find one.

The doe that she bought gives 3 - 4 quarts of delicious, creamy milk a day. The milk has lots of cream in it. My sister has been taking all of the cream from the milk and making butter with it.
I found a recipe online for homemade Mozzerella cheese that I want to make soon. If the recipe is a good one, I will share it here on my blog.

Below is a picture of the delicious, creamy goat milk.

It is wonderful to have fresh milk everyday and to know exactly where it came from.

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Abi said...

Ice Cream now that's a summer thing. Thanks.

Jacque Dixon said...

We have never made homemade ice cream. Well, my dad made it out of snow when I was little, but we haven't tried it. We should do that with all the goat's milk we have!
Thanks for submitting to the COH Belle.
These sound great!

Jenny said...

i won't eat anything from a goat. my brother in law tried once.

lndehaven said...

My family raises Nubians, which have great milk as well. Our favorite thing to make with it is ice cream. You are right, there is nothing like fresh milk.

sha said...


Hi! I sent you a check the week of 4/29/09 for the soap that I ordered from you. I have not heard anything from you since I mailed the check to you. I sent you a pm at backwoods home and to your yahoo account.

Did you receive the check that I sent you?



MangoManDan said...

We love the milk from our Lamancha goats too. Make a lot of sugar-free cooked chocolate pudding (Jello brand)and have experimented with cheeses a litle bit.
How does your sister separate the cream from the rest of the milk?
Dan in Venus, Florida

John said...

I guess I am just picky, but it should be ..."the fish were delicious", not "was delicious".

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Unknown said...

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