Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cowboy Print Underwear and Sock Monkeys!

I made this cute pair of under wear/boxer shorts last night for my brother. I really love the cowboy print on this cotton, my brother likes it too!

The underwear pattern say it is supposed to take an hour to make these, but it takes me longer than an hour. I did notice that I got this pair finished a lot faster than the first two pair I made for my little brother.

Above is the finished underwear and below is a close-up on the print.
My brother is making a sock monkey. Mom found some socks for sock monkey making at Hobby Lobby. She bought a few pairs. The Hobby Lobby where we shop, sells sock monkey socks in blue. We are going to use the blue socks for a sock elephant.

Below is a picture of brother's sock monkey - so far, so good. His monkey hasn't any eyes or much of a face yet, it doesn't have a tail yet either. I will show more pictures of it when he gets more done.

He is doing a really nice job.

Below is a picture of a sock monkey that my sister made a few years ago.

A very good friend of ours, who enjoys crafting, knitting, sewing, ect... gave my sister a sock monkey kit which the sock monkey below was made from. Isn't it cute?

I beleive the kit came with supplies and instructions to make a night gown (the monkey is a girl monkey) for the monkey, but I don't think she made it.



Simply Vintagegirl said...

Oh, sock monkeys! They are very cute, I have always wanted to make one. :)

No, it is not too late to post about A Homemade Christmas. You can enter this past one, or wait until next week (I will post about it every Thursday until January 1st). I'm glad you are interested, I always like to see what others' homemade Christmases are like!

Miss Emily Rose

Chrisi said...

You did a really good job on the boxer shorts. When I'm sewing, it usually takes me a bit longer than the suggested time too. If I do it too fast I mess up.

Regarding your comment on my blog, I did roast the pumpkin seeds. I liked them pretty well, but my hubby didn't. :o) I have never made pumpkin bread, but that is one thing I hope to try soon.